Belgravia Advisers is committed to helping you find the best educational programs, gain professional experience, and can help you set up a business or invest in the UK

Invest in the UK

If you would like to start a business in the UK, we can assist with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa application as well as possible business options. Additionally, if you are interested in investing in property in the UK, we are able to advise on potential investment locations and provide the relevant real estate market research with our partners.

Acquire Profesional Experience in the UK

Work experience, whether paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, is an integral part of your journey to success. While you are undertaking your studies in the UK, Belgravia Advisers have the capability to offer internship placements with our esteemed partners in the UK. Additionally, after completion of your degree we also provide assistance in the job application process.

Get Your Education in the UK

Your education in the UK is the first step on your journey to success. Whether your aim is to move to the UK to learn English, earn your B.A., Masters, or PHD, or even just to take a short course, Belgravia Advisers can advise on the best options available to you. We aim to help students find the educational path best suited to their needs.

What Our Clients
Are Saying

"It was my dream to move to the UK for my undergraduate studies and Belgravia Advisers helped me realize this dream. They helped me with uni application, helped obtain my student visa, and even helped me find a flat close to my university. Their services have been great and I’m so grateful to have found them!".

“I knew I wanted to start a business in the UK but didn’t know any of the rules and regulations regarding how to set up a new business and what the eligibility requirements were. Belgravia Advisers helped me with the entire procedure. They even helped me come up with a great business idea and now my business is up and running in the UK!”. 

“I have always wanted to buy an investment property in the UK but wasn’t sure if I would be eligible to do so and what the appropriate steps were. I got in touch with Belgravia Advisers and they were able to steer me in the right direction. With the help of their amazing services, I recently bought my first property in London”.

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Some of Our Sponsors

We are proud to be working with various partners in order to help achieve your needs. We work closely with partners in a variety of sectors ranging from English language schools to top law firms and companies in the region.

Frequently Q & A

  1. What do I need to buy a house in the UK?
    Once you have found a home you want to buy, a solicitor will handle the legal work around the property, and the surveyor will survey the property to check for problems, which might affect the cost of the home.
  2. Why Start your own business in the UK?
    Some people are meant to be entrepreneurs. For others, starting a business is frightening. But if you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur, There are a lot of benefits that go along with it like, Flexibility, Setting your own deadline, Pursuing your passion, meeting new People, Creating Jobs, Investing in yourself and Inspiring others.
  3. Can I do work experience in the UK?
    International students can apply for the Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) visa to carry out work experience and internships in the UK once their studies are completed in the UK.
  4. Do Foreign Investors Pay Tax in the UK?
    The UK tax system is relatively straightforward if you only have income and gains from UK sources
    For the duration of your stay here. However, things can get a little more complicated if you are resident in the UK and have foreign income and gains.
  5. What is the Difference between MSc and MA?
    The Master of Science (MSc) traditionally is granted for successfully completing a postgraduate program with a science or technical focus. By contrast, the Master of Arts (MA) traditionally refers to disciplines of the humanities such as history or philosophy. In reality today, however, this distinction is not strictly upheld anymore and, in fact, you can find both degree types for postgraduate programs in business or management.