Engineering Courses


This software will enable users to construct 2D and 3D designs with plans, estimations and tables for architecture and construction models. Revit is a helpful tool to minimize risk, Improve project quality and delivery on time. Moreover, it will allow real world experience by using building information modeling.



This software is used to prepare blueprints for engineering plans and visualize concepts to see how they will perform in the real world. Its usually used by architects, designers, engineers and others to deliver precise drawings and illustration.


Agile Project Management 

Unlike traditional project management waterfall approach, agile project management software relays on flexibility, continues improvement and testing in order to deliver high quality projects on time. The software is used in IT projects, programming, business analysis and others.



Oracle primavera

This software is used in different industries ranging from IT, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and others. It helps project managers manage their entire project portfolio, including resource allocation, managing risk and return, quality and design.

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