Intensive English Courses

The intensive English course that we provide is highly recommended for students who need to learn English for academic or professional reasons. Our highly structured syllabus, comprised of 32 morning and/or afternoon lessons a week, will have you speaking with confidence in the least amount of time.

The intensive English course offers the maximum number of Special Interest Lessons (SPINs) as well, which means we will be able to have a highly customized study programme for you.  Some examples (depending on student interest and availability): Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, English for Business, Public Speaking, Telephoning Skills, Presentation Skills, Negotiations in English, Critical Thinking, Using English in Research, Academic Writing, Politics & Society, Music, Health & Fitness.

Intensive English Course Details

Start dates: Every Monday

Levels: Beginner to advanced

Weekly tuition: 21 hours and 20 minutes

Duration: 2 weeks +      

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